Moonlander SDK for Unity Quick Guide

Generator Stack Presets

This page shows the Generator Stack Presets, the demo generations of Moonlander.
Generator Stack Presets provide a wide array of types of worlds that show the potential of the Moonlander SDK. You can use these as a starting point and a point of reference. You need the BoosterPack to generate these examples yourself.


CandyLand is a low poly cartoon candy styled scene, suitable for both Mobile and PC.


A high quality nature pack, ideal for creating post-apocalyptic or Wild Wild West games. Vegetation very similar to what grows in Arizona and (New) Mexico.


LushForestPath offers a vivid world of dense greenery and enchanting trails, perfect for fantasy realms or serene woodland scenes. Immerse players in the beauty of a lively forest with towering trees, meandering streams, and captivating flora.


Meadow grass, pine trees, and a wide array of mushrooms make this terrain perfect for European forests and other temperate climates.


StylizedForest combines realism with artistic flair, offering a visually striking environment for various game genres. Immerse players in a stylized rendition of nature, with meticulously crafted trees, rocks, and streams to enhance the overall gaming experience.


TropicalIslandArchipelago unveils the beauty of interconnected islands surrounded by azure waters. Perfect for open-world environments or sea-faring adventures, the pack features lush landscapes, diverse flora, and the allure of tropical exploration on each captivating island.