This page describes what a Generator is and how they shape your scenes

Generators define how the scene is built up, what objects are spawned and the the rules of placement of objects on the terrain. Every scene that you will build with Moonlander consists of several generators, each responsible for a different component in your scenes. All generators combined in your scene is called your Generator Stack.

There are two types of Generators: the Global Generator and the Bounds Generator. You can define global settings through Global Generators and define the placing of objects and creation of Unity terrains through the Bounds Generator.

Each Generator consists of two tabs:

  • Properties. The properties tab consists of all settings that make up this generator. Some Generators are very simple, while others can be very complex.

  • Dependencies. In this tab, you can see the links between generators. The Input lists the Generators to which the current Generator listens, the Output lists the Generators that have the current Generator as Input. For more information see DataRegistry.

Dependencies are key for building scenes that make sense. For example, you don't want to have your vegetation to grow on your roads! Linking your road generator with your foliage generator can quickly solve this issue.