Moonlander SDK for Unity Quick Guide

High Level Overview

This page describes all the high level concepts of the Moonlander SDK
If you have followed the fundamentals in Getting set up, you have already touched all the important components of Moonlander. When you look at the Shapeshifter overlay, you will see all of them in one user interface:
The Shapeshifter overlay that connects you to the Library, Generator and Copilot.
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    Copilot (optional). The Copilot is a LLM that can generate scenes for you through a text prompt.
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    ​Library. The Library stores all your 3D Assets, Skyboxes, and Terrain Textures. When you generate a terrain, Shapeshifter will look into your Library to find everything it needs to generate a terrain to your liking. So the better your Library, the better your worlds! We have provided a BoosterPack with a lot of Assets to start out with, but we highly recommend in creating your own Library as well.
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    ​Generator. A Generator is a Base Class that instructs Shapeshifter how to build up the scene. All your Generators together are called the Generator Stack, which consists of several types of Generators. The Generators are highly customisable, so knowing all the different settings are crucial for creating a virtual world exactly how you would like.
Since we have already covered the Text Prompting in Using The Copilot, let's quickly move to the Library!