## MoonlanderSDK-1.0.0-alpha.5

* Feature: Asset picking and matching algorithm overhaul
* Feature: Automatic stack generation
* Feature: Prompting workflow overhaul
* Feature: ML based stack generation

## MoonlanderSDK-1.0.0-alpha.4

* Feature: Added a vignette filter (allows islands and edge objects)
* Feature: GPU Layer sampling and filtering (10x generation-time performance boost)
* New noise sampler types (improved generation possibilities and faster iteration)
* Domain warping on noise samplers. (improved generation possibilities)
* Collision with GPU instanced objects.
* Automatic asset footprint calculation (ability to pick assets by size on asset loaders)
* Improvements in the asset loaders.
* BoosterPack: adapted all content to the new GPU based generation
* Content metadata update (Auto-tagged / revised all assets)
* Sample scenes included on the content and booster pack.
* Many bugfixes and UX improvements.

## MoonlanderSDK-1.0.0-alpha.3.1

* Fix: On the MultiShader, the Normalmap tiling and offset didn’t match the albedo texture.
* Fix: Small UI fixes on the Library window and Generators.
* Feature: Allow manual tagging on multiple assets at once.
* Fix: Generator window sometimes didn’t update correctly.
* Feature: Added an advanced options foldout on the Shapeshifter overlay.
* Feature: Added tiling and offset options on the MultiShader.
* Fix: Prompting is disabled when no generators are using Asset Loaders.
* Feature: Added a ColorGrading Generator.
* Added a toggle to enable or disable the Asset Loaders
* Fix: The multishader material converter now works again after the shader migration of alpha.3

## MoonlanderSDK-1.0.0-alpha.3

* Feature: Complete rewrite of the Library Window interface.
* Feature: Auto-tagging of library assets with AI.
* Feature: Activated the AI Toolkit:
    - AI Color Palette Generator
    - AI Script Generator (describe functionality in English, get a C# script)
    - Skybox Generator (text-to-Skybox)
* Editor: Multi-shader converter now works. It will automatically convert standard shader materials to use Moonlander's multi-shader. This enables your assets to:
    - Bend to conform to terrain
    - Terraformer shading (toon shading, outlines, etc.)
    - Terrain texture blending
    - Top covers and weather covers (Like adding a layer of dust or snow to your assets)
* Feature: Added migrations and installation hooks that facilitate the installation and updating of the SDK.
* Fix: many Bugfixes and workflow improvements.

## MoonlanderSDK-1.0.0-alpha.2 (Wrongly released as v1.0.1-alpha.1)

* Feature: Both TopWeatherCover and TopTextureCover are now compatible with the TerrainTextureAssets used for the terrain layers.
* Fix: When using ‘Conform To Terrain’, the placement offset works correctly (only works with assets using the multishader).
* Fix: Same seed and same prompt should now always result in the same generation.
* Feature: Added a toggle to let the spawned object from the ObjectPlacementGenerators perfectly stick to the terrain.
* Feature: Added a ‘PlaneGenerator’. This spawns a plane prefab at a given height. Used for water, lava, etc.
* Fix: When a generator setting changes, and you press generate, it will regenerate everything to ensure it is all up to date and consistent.
* Additions: Added a new version of the MoonlanderContent pack compatible with the new SDK release.
* Additions: Added a content pack ‘BoosterPack1’ containing example assets and presets.
* Fix: Multiple bugfixes and improvements.

Known issues
* Editor: The multishader converter doesn’t work yet.

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